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What is a trademark?


A trademark is usually defined as a source indicator. It is a symbol of quality that customers can rely on. It links your business with specific goods or services. It can be a name or a sign or a logo that is used on the products and services offered under your business. We come across trademarks and famous brands every day in our lives, from the coffee or tea we drink to the clothes we buy and wear and the phone we use to communicate with our family and friends. 


Why should I register my trademark?


Your trademark, when used in conjunction with your goods and services, becomes a crucial part of your business’ identity. Customers buy your products and services because they can relate to your trademark and business. So, the last thing any business owner would want is to have a third party copy your trademark and take your customers away from you.


A registered trademark gives you the exclusive right to your brand and the ability to stop potential copycats. Moreover, a trademark/brand, being an invaluable asset, can generate income for a business through licensing arrangements, distributorships or franchising deals. Trademark protection and rights are territorial in nature so taking prompt action in countries where a business is already selling or plans to sell its goods/services is crucial.


How can we help you?


Our law firm can assist you in: 


  • Pre-filing trademark searches to assess any potential risks against a trademark application.

  • Advice on a cost-effective trademark strategy.

  • Filing and registering a trademark. 

  • Renewal of trademark registration.

  • Trademark opposition, invalidation or revocation actions.

  • Drafting and negotiating co-existence agreements.

  • Trademark watch and monitoring services.  

  • Trademark infringement litigation and passing off actions, which includes drafting/responding to cease and desist letters.

  • Change in ownership of a trademark, e.g. change in name or transfer of rights through an assignment.

  • Trademark portfolio management.

  • Domain name registration and disputes, which includes cybersquatting and UDRP proceedings 

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